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Read the Reviews:

What a wonderful story! I got goosebumps thinking about my own Jacks who have passed, but happiness thinking that someday I hope to see them again too. 

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts and when they cross the Rainbow Bridge they do take a piece of our heart with them.

This was a fantastic read and I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely story. Thank you, Nancy, Lucy and Moe.


Holly A. Bernhard 

West View Jack Russells   


This book is a lovely, safe, non-scary way of introducing and explaining the loss of a beloved fur family member to a child (or even an adult)! It is written in a clear but soft prose, with just the right amount of matter-of-fact and imagination. The illustrations are wonderful, and it is just the right length to hold a child’s interest without belaboring the subject.  “The key to being happy here is to just accept things for what they are.”  Good lesson to learn.


Nancy Goldmark


Moe and Lucy is a must read for all ages who have loved and lost a beloved dog.  A beautifully written story to help heal a broken heart.


Susan Travaglini 

Mineral Springs Jack Russell Terriers and Breezewood Terrier Trials



A charming story about accepting loss, true love, and the unending bond of pets and their humans.


Brigitte Pelrine

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